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  • 22 Jul 2020 21:02 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Pos'n Name Club Time No.
    1 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC 21:30 6
    2 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 22:27 14
    3 Phil Roberts Wrekinsport CC 23:38 23
    4 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC 23:55 4
    5 Oliver Rodwell Wrekinsport CC 24:06 7
    6 Mike Bigwood Wrekinsport CC 24:15 26
    7 Allan Henderson Wrekinsport CC 24:16 8
    8 Richard Howes Wrekinsport CC 24:44 5
    9 Andy Hellowell Wrekinsport CC 24:49 2
    10 Elliott Wills Wrekinsport CC 24:56 22
    11 Steve Elcocks Wrekinsport CC 2C 26:46 25
    12 Bethan Till Wrekinsport CC 26:57 13
    13 Jack Inglis Wrekinsport CC 27:12 21
    14 Darrell Biddulph Wrekinsport CC 27:27 27
    15 Carl Fenlon Wrekinsport CC 27:43 20
    16 Robin Shedden Wrekinsport CC 27:57 10
    17 Henry Fleming Wrekinsport CC 28:39 16
    18 Dom Musgrove Wrekinsport CC 29:18 12
    19 Rob Wood Wrekinsport CC 29:27 19
    20 Derek Fleming Wrekinsport CC 29:35 17
    21 Stuart Wortley Wrekinsport CC 31:22 9
    22 Alison Salthouse Wrekinsport CC 2C 31:47 3
    23 Tina Elcocks Wrekinsport CC 2C 32:05 24
    24 Angela Boycott Wrekinsport CC 33:11 15
    25 Clare O'Donnell Wrekinsport CC 33:18 1
    26 Victoria Doran Wrekinsport CC 33:49 18
      Dave Poulter Wrekinsport CC DNS-A 11

  • 19 Jul 2020 15:43 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Time trialling finally got underway again after lock down as a belated Round 1 of The Decathlon UK Evening 10 Series by Wrekinsport saw riders and officials get used to operating under some strict temporary guidelines to make things Covid safe. The initial events are all restricted to Wrekinsport members, with pre-booking required to manage a rider limit and remove the need for handling cash in a usual entry-on-the-line format; but things will be opening up wider to allow other clubs to race from August when entrants have got used to the significantly different format. There was a palpable sense of relief that racing is back on the agenda amongst the competitors, who quickly adapted to the required changes.

    The rider taking the top spot was one of the things that hadn't changed as Chris Halford powered his way around the Shawbirch-Cotwall Bank circuit in 22 minutes 11 seconds. Halford looked lean and mean as he floated past the finish line for the first time. Starting from No.5 he was the first rider home after using the four riders in front of him as carrots to chase as he made the best of the surprisingly windy conditions.

    The rider finishing in runner-up spot however sounded a warning that he has been honing his form during lock down, with Tomos Hales getting within a minute if Halford for the first time. Hales was markedly improved from 2019, stopping the watch on 22:54, and it will be fascinating to see if he can get any closer as the season progresses. Both these riders are proponents of analysing the data thoroughly and gaining every technical advantage they can, and this could easily develop into an arms race.

    Meanwhile it was a close-fought thing for the final podium place as Rob Jackson just pushed out a trio of chasing riders with a great effort of 24:01. This left 2019 Evening 10 Champion Rich Smith occupying an unfamiliar 4th spot seven seconds back, with Phil Roberts and Oliver Rodwell breathing down his neck on 24:17 and 24:20 respectively.

    The Road Bike Championship was keenly fought, with Dan Ramsbottom taking the maximum six points on offer in this category with a fine effort of 27 minutes exactly, with runner-up Derek Fleming back on 30:34.

    There were two notable characteristics of the event with three women in competition, with Bethan Till taking the plaudits with a fine 28:03; and many first-timers, with Clare O’Donnell in her first ever time trial whooping with delight as she crossed the finish line in 35:27 after being nervous of entering and needing encouragement to do so. 24 hours later however she stated “I’m still buzzing! It’s fabulous; the whole thing was nowhere near as intimidating as I thought it would be - so many shared words of support and encouragement as they flew past me”! Almost immediately signed up for Round 2, O’Donnell now has a benchmark to aim for, adding: “I’m going to try and average 17.5 mph next time”.    

  • 18 Jul 2020 21:01 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Podcast recorded 18/7/20 now up on club's Soundcloud account at: https://soundcloud.com/user-5358016/wrekinsport-cc-blog-ian-bond

  • 18 Jul 2020 21:01 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Podcast recorded 10/7/20 now up on club's Soundcloud account at: https://soundcloud.com/user-5358016/wrekinsport-cc-blog-clare-cotterill

  • 15 Jul 2020 20:47 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Pos'n Name Club Time No.
    1 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC 22:11 5
    2 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 22:54 14
    3 Rob Jackson Wrekinsport CC 24:01 10
    4 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC 24:08 7
    5 Phil Roberts Wrekinsport CC 24:17 18
    6 Oliver Rodwell Wrekinsport CC 24:20 8
    7 Allan Henderson Wrekinsport CC 24:37 20
    8 Richard Howes Wrekinsport CC 25:12 4
    9 Mike Bigwood Wrekinsport CC 25:21 16
    10 Elliott Wills Wrekinsport CC 26:02 17
    =11 John Robertson Wrekinsport CC 26:55 6
    =11 Pete Mulloy Wrekinsport CC 26:55 3
    13 Dan Ramsbottom Wrekinsport CC 27:00 2
    14 Steve Elcocks Wrekinsport CC 2/C 27:33 23
    15 Dave Poulter Wrekinsport CC 27:52 19
    16 Bethan Till Wrekinsport CC 28:03 24
    17 Henry Fleming Wrekinsport CC 30:20 22
    18 Derek Fleming Wrekinsport CC 30:34 21
    19 Dom Musgrove Wrekinsport CC 31:01 12
    20 Rob Wood Wrekinsport CC 31:05 13
    21 Stuart Wortley Wrekinsport CC 31:27 9
    22 Victoria Doran Wrekinsport CC 34:05 15
    23 Ron Perks Wrekinsport CC 34:45 11
    24 Clare O'Donnell Wrekinsport CC 35:27 1
    . Angela Boycott Wrekinsport CC DNS-A .
    . Dave Moore Wrekinsport CC DNS-A .
    . Steve Mold Wrekinsport CC DNS .

  • 8 Jul 2020 20:29 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As approved this evening via Liverpool DC Zoom meeting:

    Date Day Distance Course Comments Series Start Time
    15/07/20 Wed 10 D3/9 Wrekinsport only Decathlon R1 7.00pm
    22/07/20 Wed 10 D3/9 Wrekinsport only Decathlon R2 7.00pm
    29/07/20 Wed 10 D3/9 Wrekinsport only Decathlon R3 7.00pm
    05/08/20 Wed 10 D3/9 Come and Try It Decathlon R4 7.00pm
    12/08/20 Wed 19 D3/9 x2 Come and Try It HPJ. SB Series 7.00pm
    15/08/20 Sat 25 D24/23r Come and Try It SB Series 3:00pm
    19/08/20 Wed 10 D3/9 Come and Try It Decathlon R5 6.30pm
    26/08/20 Wed 1 D0/14 Come and Try It. H/C Hill Climb Series  6.30pm
    29/08/20 Sat 19 D3/9 x2 Come and Try It GD. SB Series 3:00pm
    02/09/20 Wed 5 D305/1 Come and Try It   6.30pm

  • 2 Jul 2020 10:23 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Podcast No.15 recorded with Bob Elliott in Thailand on 2/7/20 now on club's Soundcloud account at: https://soundcloud.com/user-5358016/wrekinsport-cc-blog-bob-elliott

  • 29 Jun 2020 13:03 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Recorded 26/6/20, a look back at racing in the late 40's and 50's https://soundcloud.com/user-5358016/wrekinsport-cc-blog-dave-pickering

  • 29 Jun 2020 13:02 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Recorded 20/6/20: https://soundcloud.com/user-5358016/wrekinsport-cc-blog-adam-mumford

  • 19 Jun 2020 21:10 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    There will be significant restrictions when time trialling comes back initially, so club members need to make themselves aware of the onerous limitations placed on clubs who want to put on events. Quite a number of clubs have already pulled their full programmes because of the conditions required, and we need all members to understand what we have been tasked with to get events on and try their utmost to adhere to the spirit of the restrictions, else risk things getting shutdown. Public perception is critical here, so please stick to these rules until things get back to normal. Video here: https://youtu.be/ZTa3YyPk_8w  

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