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Wrekinsport Jerseys (1950 to Present Day)


The earliest photo of our cycling club jersey available, showing the Wrekin C & AC design from before World War 2. Mainly white with a thick blue band round the chest and was the design used just prior to the war. This picture shows Ron Perks with his bike wearing his fathers jersey and is dated 1953.

A fully woollen jersey was the first jersey after the reformation of the club in 1949 in the new colours chosen at the time. A turquoise (some call it duck egg blue) main body, with a wide black band round the chest, with black neck and sleeves, also black, with thick turquoise trim. There are pockets on the back and, as was normal at the time, three pockets on the chest under the band. There was no zip at the neck in this jersey. Previously to this colours had been listed as green and white, but no photos have been found to show a design.

The first nylon jersey of the club. Still in the turquoise and black colours as previous and with a short zip on the neck. Manufactured by Raxar, this jersey had pockets just at the back and was in use from the early 50’s to around 1958.  
  A slight change in the late 1950’s saw a different turquoise and black design. This Alex Sport jersey saw the wide black band now intersected with another turquoise band to give a ‘three band’ effect. The sleeves also changed to a three-banded effect.  

Shropshire Star Jersey – sadly there are no known jerseys of the clubs first sponsorship still around. The colours were dark blue with yellow stars across the front, possibly the same design was on the back.

The picture shows Stuart Chapman on his bike wearing the Shropshire Star jersey. (Telford)

 1970s The early 70’s design saw this Lutz jersey. When new it featured a plain green body with Wrekinsport stitched onto the back of the jersey in white, the ‘sport’ being in smaller letters with a line above and below it (with frequent washing it faded to more of an aqua-green) completed with a plain white neck. The sleeves were also white with plain green cuffs. These were the colours till the 1978 Van Beek sponsorship.  
 1980 The Van Beek sponsorship required new racing jerseys with the sponsor’s name on them. The same design as the previous jersey was used, this time though it was a woollier less lycra jersey. It was emblazoned with ‘Van Beek Motor Spares’ front and rear, which prompted at least one person to comment, “Oh look, the Van Beek is bigger than the club”, a reference to Wrekinsport  club’s name being a lot smaller on the jersey.  
  When the sponsorship ceased it meant a hasty cover up of the sponsor’s name. This was achieved by stitching a large patch onto the cycling jersey! This jersey was in use until around 1982.  
  The 80’s saw big strides made in jersey materials and the jersey chosen for most of the remainder of the decade was lycra based with a flocked inside. It was once again a plain green with white neck, with green and white halved sleeves with white cuffs. The Wrekinsport club name was in ironed on lettering. The main change was the twin white stripes down the right side front and rear. It is also the first cycling jersey to see a manufacturer’s logo, with the Elite badge on the rear right shoulder.
 1990 The jersey that was to take the club into the 1990’s caused a lot of very vociferous debate. The club had asked for members to design the new club jersey and several were submitted for approval. The one that was chosen as the winner incensed some club members as yellow had been included as well as green and white. They argued that 'the club colours were green and white so yellow must not be used. At a vote at a club night the jersey including yellow was accepted and those against were not at all happy. The main manufacturer at the time was Impsport, and with design manufacturing getting better all the time it was possible now to print almost any design onto cycling jerseys whereas before changes of colours had to be stitched together. Another first on this jersey was to see the introduction of a club logo, the first badge the club had ever had.  
  The Parker Mail Order sponsorship in 1993 led to a complete change of colours. Jack Parker suggested that the green/yellow/white jerseys could not be seen well in a racing bunch and the red/yellow colours were adopted. These colours have remained to the present. A bright red body with yellow side panels and sleeves. The jersey from BioRacer saw the manufacturer’s logo on the right upper chest, with Wrekinsport CC on the left chest. The main sponsors of Parker, Met Helmets, and Carnac (shoes) were in large letters on the red main body, with Parker on both sleeves and Parker Mail Order running down the yellow body panels at the back. The club badge was missing from this jersey.  

With sponsorship ending 1998 a ‘non advertising’ jersey introduced. Still using the same design, the yellow panel and sleeves were made fluorescent with safety in mind. An altogether plainer affair with Wrekinsport on two lines in yellow on the red body both front and rear and the badge on each sleeve. The manufacturer Alexa had a small logo on the right chest.

A fairly new addition to the club kit is cycling shorts in club colours. These previously had always been just plain black lycra since the late 70’s or wool before then. The first ones came from FC Cavalho which featured red main panel with fluorescent yellow side panels going over the higher part of the back in an arch. A red ‘Wrekinsport’ runs down the outside of the leg on both sides, with the manufacturer’s logo shown in black on the upper left thigh.

 2004 Around 2004 an updated red/yellow jersey was introduced. By this time foreign manufacturers were after business in the UK market and the club went with Portuguese FC Cavalho who had their logo on the right upper chest and the middle upper back. The red/yellow design was updated and parted, with designs of white included as well. Our cycling club name was on two lines in white on the red body, as was red lettering on yellow on both the sleeves and side panels. The Wrekinsport club name was also in yellow on a red neck as well. The club badge was on the left upper chest.  
 2008 In 2008 a special cycling jersey was manufactured for those members who went on the club trip to Majorca. Made by the Portuguese FC Cavalho, the manufacturers of the time saw a yellow top half fading through orange into black at the waist of the jersey. As was now the norm, the manufacturer’s logo was on the right chest and the club badge in black on the left. The main part of the cycling jersey front showed an outline of the island of Majorca and the words in white ‘Wrekinsport Team Majorca’. The side panels were yellow with white Wrekinsport running through them. The rear was the same fading design with the words ‘SCCA Top Club Winners’ across the back - a reference to winning the county club award. The sleeves were again a yellow/orange/black fade with ‘Wrekinsport’ down them. The cuffs were a red/yellow/red Spanish flag design, as was the collar. The collar featured a very small Majorca design as on the jersey front and two small club badges. The pockets at the rear featured the club badge on the left and the Majorca design on the right.  

The next jersey change dates from around 2011 with another updated red/yellow/white design. Again the club name features in two lines in white on the red body, both front and rear. The red Wrekinsport is displayed on the yellow side panels and has the yellow name on the red neck. The sleeves are yellow near the body fading into red towards the end with a red club website address on both showing to the front and rear. The club badge is on the middle rear pocket which sees a red and yellow fade. The badge is also displayed on the front upper left chest, with the MSTina, the Italian manufacturer’s logo opposite on the right chest.

Following the switch to MSTina the shorts design was updated to match the new club jersey. The colours and design are not that different to the old colours, but the red fades into the yellow side panels on the upper leg, with ‘Wrekinsport’ running down the outside leg on both sides this time in white with red surround. Also ‘Wrekinsport’ in white is shown on the central lower back with the manufacturer’s logo printed to the left.

 2012 In 2012 another special jersey was designed for this birthday year. It features a retro look turquoise and black design echoing the first kit identified from the early 50’s. The earlier Wrekin C & AC picture was found afterwards. Materials have moved on a lot since then but the design is exactly the same with a thick black chest band on a turquoise body, black and turquoise sleeves and a black neck. The only modern addition is the inclusion of the club badge on the left chest with the words ’90 years 1922-2012’ round the outside.  



2015 saw the introduction of the current Wrekinsport cycling club  jersey, manufactured by GEAR CLUB in London. Once again, red forms the main body and collar but this time, reminiscent of the past, a thick yellow band across the chest contains the club name in black. The controversial white, having been removed, features the addition of black side panels with Wrekinsport in yellow along each side. Yellow 'Wrekinsport' wording on a black panel forms the shoulders on each side with yellow panels front and back underneath. A red panel, 90 degrees to this, forms the rest of the sleeve with a black cuff. The rear of the shirt mirrors the front.

In 2022 another celebration jersey was introduced, the Wrekinsport cycling club 100 year anniversary celebration jersey, manufactured by GEAR CLUB in London. The club asked members to submit design ideas for the Jersey and then the designs were put to the member vote and this design chosen. The Jersey has not superseded the 2015 design, with both designs being available concurrently.


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