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  • 5 Dec 2020 21:10 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Video now up on club's You Tube channel at: Wrekinsport CC Winter Warmer No.3 5th December, 2020 - YouTube

  • 5 Dec 2020 16:03 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Pos'n Name Club Cat Time No
    1 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 23:13 2
    2 Dave Moore Wrekinsport CC V 26:16 5
    3 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC V 26:21 3
    4 Pete Mulloy Wrekinsport CC V 26:40 1
    5 Victoria Doran Wrekinsport CC WV 32:38 6
    6 Emma Mumford Wrekinsport CC 33:22 8
    7 Elliott Lawley-Robinson Wrekinsport CC J 34:54 4
    8 Clare O'Donnell Wrekinsport CC WV 35:18 7

  • 14 Oct 2020 21:02 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wrekinsport CC Winter Warmer No.1

    The course record was smashed on a less than ideal day as David Griffiths sliced a huge 40 seconds off the benchmark for ‘The Tiddly Triangle’. With heavy rain stopping minutes before the start leaving puddles to splash through and an appreciable northerly wind affecting the first leg between Cold Hatton and Hodnet; Griffiths somehow managed to lower the record to 20 minutes 27 seconds, coping well with wet, slippery mud that saw many take extra care on the final leg past The Tiddly Inn courtesy of a tractor. Griffiths was trying out a position change and faced a strong challenge from Mid Shropshire Wheelers’ Ben Pierce, who had beaten him in SB Series events over the two previous weekends – but here Griffiths made no mistake, coming back to the sort of form he showed in March and that the tinkering had paid dividends. He commented: “After a bit of bike tweaking and cycling to work I’m happy to be getting fast again. Thanks Wrekinsport for putting the event on. Winter weather for sure”!   

    Pierce was also getting his first experience of this popular circuit but had to be content with the runner-up spot this time after stopping the watch on 21:24 after a number of straight wins. The 17 year-old was one of three Juniors amongst a 17-strong field, showing the strength of the County’s young riders. His closest challenge came from Tomos Hales, who took the honours amongst the promoting club’s riders in 22:46, whilst 16 yaer-old Henri Bedford put in a great ride as a warm up for the SB Sports Injuries Shropshire Championship 50 the following morning with a fine effort of 23:11 on his road bike.

    Best placed amongst the women was Helen Blake, stopping the watch on 32:33 and seeing off Emma Mumford by 51 seconds.

  • 10 Oct 2020 16:59 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Pos'n Name Club Cat Time No.
    1 David Griffiths Bioracer S 20:27 16
    2 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers J 21:24 9
    3 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC S 22:46 7
    4 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing J 23:11 12
    5 Graeme Donnell Nova Raiders V 24:14 10
    5 Fraser MacKinnon Wrekinsport CC V 24:14 17
    7 Allan Henderson Wrekinsport CC S 24:59 1
    8 Harry Corney Market Drayton CC J 25:15 13
    9 Phil Roberts Wrekinsport CC S 25:16 15
    10 Dave Moore Wrekinsport CC V 25:27 2
    11 Mark Callaghan Wrekinsport CC S 31:09 4
    12 Derek Fleming Wrekinsport CC V 31:46 11
    13 Helen Blake Wrekinsport CC W 32:33 8
    14 Emma Mumford Wrekinsport CC W 33:24 3
    15 Victoria Doran Wrekinsport CC WV 33:56 14
    16 Karl Roberts Wrekinsport CC V 35:32 5
    . Ian Bond Wrekinsport CC S DNF-P 6
    . Deb Hutson-Lumb Nova Raiders WV DNS-A .
    . Clare O'Donnell Wrekinsport CC WV DNS-A .
    . Mike Bigwood Wrekinsport CC S DNS .
    . Richard Howes Wrekinsport CC V DNS .

  • 26 Sep 2020 20:47 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Monthly club TT's all destined for D7/10 Tiddly circuit unless road works get in the way, in which case the D10/3 Cold Hatton - Shawbirch has been requested. Subject to no ice or snow, all 2pm Saturday starts

    Date Day Distance Course Comments Start Time
    10/10/20 Sat 10 D7/10 Come and Try It 2:00pm
    07/11/20 Sat 10 D7/10 Come and Try It 2:00pm
    05/12/20 Sat 10 D7/10 Come and Try It 2:00pm
    02/01/21 Sat 10 D7/10 Come and Try It 2:00pm
    06/02/21 Sat 10 D7/10 Come and Try It 2:00pm
    13/03/21 Sat 10 D7/10 Come and Try It 2:00pm

  • 10 Sep 2020 21:43 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wrekinsport Autumn Sprint 5

    The curtain came down on Wrekinsport’s truncated time trialling season with a bang as a course record fell by a massive margin – a record likely to stand for a very long time. CC Bridgnorth’s Will Lewis carved an almost unbelievable 33 seconds off the record to stop the watch on 11 minutes exactly in the fast and furious Autumn Sprint 5 held on the third choice course between Crudgington and Shawbirch due to long term road works putting first and second choice courses out of action. Lewis punched through the southerly breeze blighting the ‘out’ leg to Shawbirch, which guaranteed a flyer back. Usually when a strong headwind affects a ride it is very hard to make up time lost later due to strength being gradually sapped battling the elements, but Lewis somehow did, crossing the finish line visibly faster than any other rider in the club’s by now traditional season closer.

    But Lewis wasn’t the only rider to beat the old record of 11:33 as 16 year-old Henri Bedford briefly held the record for 10½ minutes with a fabulous effort of 11:25 after starting 11 minutes ahead of Lewis. The youngster’s superbly steady, locked-in low profile, tucked in tight behind his ‘praying mantis’ tri-bars to offer the lowest possible profile into the prevailing conditions served him well as he sliced through the air to push out Lewis’ team mate Jonathan Mills-Keeling by 12 seconds to take the runner-up spot.

    Taking the honours for the promoting club Tomos Hales headed up a run of five riders helping themselves to a Top 10 spot amongst the 22 starters in 12:02, pushing out Phil Roberts by 36 seconds to grab 4th place.

    The event was notable for the number of Juniors riding, with several attempting heir first ever time trial in far from perfect conditions. Top of the youngsters was Harry Corney in 13:14. Meanwhile the Women’s honours were taken by Market Drayton CC’s Alison Dockney, making a belated first appearance in 2020 to stop the watch in 13:11 despite having trouble clipping in, a feature of racing under the temporary Covid regulations.

  • 7 Sep 2020 22:47 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The first medal of the SB Sports Injuries Series was captured as the top two in the Overall Series finished at the top of the standings in Round 5, Wrekinsport CC’s Gordon Davies 18 Handicap. Series leader Henri Bedford saw his Overall lead cut to just two points thanks to a powerful ride by Dan Watts – but sealed Junior Gold or the third year running. Watts stormed around the 18 mile Shawbirch – Hodnet ‘out and back’ course in 38 minutes 29 seconds, beating Bedford by 13 seconds. Watts didn’t hold back despite being entered for the UK ICT Shropshire Championship 25 the following morning, finishing extremely strongly on the slight drag to the finish line. Aside from Bedford, Watts had ex-professional Liam Holohan to consider, and Watts’ competitive nature wouldn’t see him fail to put up a good fight, especially with Holohan starting just a minute behind him on the road; but with Holohan failing to finish an enthralling battle frustratingly came to nought.

    The unfamiliar distance also threw Watts a curve ball as the planned two-lap 19 mile course frequently used was sidelined due to long-term road works. Watts was satisfied with his efforts and acknowledged that things were getting exciting between himself and Bedford, with two points being the closest dividing margin possible: “It’s always hard to judge this sort of distance, especially on a double header race weekend, so I’m pleased to come away with the win with Henri pushing me close. Cheers to the organisers and helpers again for making the event possible”.

    16 year-old Bedford has got better and better as this truncated season has progressed and was encountering the D18/4 reserve course for the first time, although being entirely on the A442 he was well aware of the road involved, incorporated within many County courses. Bedford stopped the watch on 38:42 20 seconds ahead of Stourbridge Velo’s Matt Cooper who snaffled third place 30 seconds ahead of CC Bridgnorth’s Jonathan Mills-Keeling who was making his Series debut. Bedford wrapped up the Junior Series in record time with the maximum available 126 points, putting him in an unassailable position with just three rounds remaining – the SCCA’s Autumn 10’s. Bedford stated: “I enjoyed doing a distance I had not done before on very familiar roads. It was quite hard in the wind out, but I enjoyed the wind in my favour on the way back from the island. Well done to Dan for winning and to Wrekinsport CC for hosting the event”.

    There was a familiar name at the head of both the Women’s and Veteran’s SB Series as Nova Raiders’ Deb Hutson-Lumb scored a seemingly inevitable double win as she gets used to a new bike. Hutson-Lumb finished a superb seventh Overall in a fine time of 43:14, with closest challenger Emma Serjeant of Hafren CC 3:01 back, ably demonstrating the power of Hutson-Lumb’s ride. When converted to Veteran’s Standard Hutson Lumb again finished top of the pile in +10:22 ahead of Mills-Keeling on +8:41. Hutson-Lumb battled through the northerly headwind up to Hodnet, and made the most of being bowled back – always a favourite of time triallists. Her comments reflect the brief film recorded of all starters which aim to help riders develop the unfamiliar art of clipping in – a Covid-related restriction due to social distancing: “I really enjoyed the ride with the tough outward leg being rewarded with a fast tailwind assisted return. I managed to make better use of the wind and keep more consistent power on throughout the race. Pleased with my time and love the start line videos. Many thanks to all involved.”

    SB Women’s Series leader Helen Blake has doggedly tackled all the unusual distances with gusto, and was rewarded by retaining her lead and won two Wrekinsport club medals as a bonus, with the promoting club running their Gordon Davies Handicap within this event. Blake stopped the watch on 57:52, which when her handicap was deducted saw her win Women’s Gold and Overall Silver, only beaten on handicap by Mike Bigwood who was delighted to win a club trophy.

  • 2 Sep 2020 20:43 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Course record...by 33 seconds!

    Pos'n Name Club Time No.
    1 Will Lewis CC Bridgnorth RWG 11:00 22
    2 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing 11:25 11
    3 Jonathan Mills-Keeling CC Bridgnorth RWG 11:37 14
    4 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 12:02 7
    5 Phil Roberts Wrekinsport CC 12:38 21
    6 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC 12:46 4
    7 Mike Bigwood Wrekinsport CC 12:48 1
    8 Fraser MacKinnon Wrekinsport CC 12:55 13
    9 Alison Dockney Market Drayton CC 13:11 8
    10 Chris Riley Paramount CRT 13:13 9
    11 Harry Corney Unattached 13:14 12
    12 Elliott Wills Wrekinsport CC 13:18 20
    13 Pete Mulloy Wrekinsport CC 13:34 3
    14 Dan Connelly CC Bridgnorth RWG 14:03 18
    15 Jack Inglis Wrekinsport CC 14:21 19
    16 Henry Fleming Wrekinsport CC 15:23 5
    17 Ben Southgate Unattached 16:14 17
    18 Stuart Wortley Wrekinsport CC 16:30 6
    19 Victoria Doran Wrekinsport CC 17:28 10
    20 Ellie Huxley Unattached 17:37 15
    21 Clare O'Donnell Wrekinsport CC 18:01 2
    22 Molly Southgate Unattached 18:21 16
    . Beth Till Wrekinsport CC DNS-A .
    . Oliver Rodwell Wrekinsport CC DNS .
    . Alison Salthouse Wrekinsport CC 2/C DNS .
    . Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC DNS .

  • 1 Sep 2020 22:41 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    An event record turnout got the newly renamed Little Sweetpea Gardens/BBR Opticians Hill Climb Series off to a flying start on a glorious evening; although one thing stayed the same in Wrekinsport CC’s Willomoor Bank climb – the winner. Fishface Cycles Jonny Morris just missed out on his own course record of 3:24.48 by just over three seconds thanks to a slight cross-wind that drifted across the lower part of the final ramp, heading up a quality field of 44 riders. Morris stopped the watch on 3 minutes, 27.99 seconds, roared on by a noisy, exuberant but socially distanced crowd lining the final bend, which offers an unequalled view of the race; and which gave the finish timekeeper big clues of when a rider was about to make an appearance from some distance away.

    Morris was over six seconds clear of former professional Liam Holohan, who took the honours amongst the County riders and showed the strength of that winning effort, and enjoyed his evening out – although with an eye on some greatly improved youngsters, stating: “The Wrekin course is become a firm favourite of mine, and I have worked out a way of riding it that suits me. So pleased I have managed to keep my run going another year. Some of the youngsters have improved loads over the last two years, so we shall have to see what happens next year. Thanks as always to everyone that took the time to make the event happen”.

    Holohan started the 2020 hill climb season exactly as he started the 2019 version – with the maximum 20 points available for affiliated riders with a great effort of 3:34.71, pushing out Wrexham-based Christopher Mann by nearly two seconds. Holohan’s wiry frame is made for climbing, but a stop-start season and busy personal life meant he was by no means confident: “I had no expectations coming in to the event, training has been sporadic to say the least - with two very young children, no child care and a business to run it’s been a case of squeezing in a ride when I can. I feel privileged just to be able to pin a number on this year. After I finished my ride I stood with the crowd to cheer on the rest of the competitors, it was a fantastic atmosphere and was great to be around so many other enthusiastic cyclists”.

    County runner-up spot went to CC Bridgnorth’s Will Lewis, who threw himself across the line in 3:45.56 – and clearly pushed himself into the red zone with his effort to haul himself up the evil final ramp, which can catch out many riders if they have taken the approach a little over-zealously. He stated: “Thank you for another good mid week event, it made my lungs burn and some black stars appear in my eyes at the end! All in all it was good to get out and see people I haven’t seen for a while”.

    Former Course Record holder Dan Watts acknowledged that he wasn’t at peak form, missing out on his 2018 effort, the last time he attempted the climb by 17 seconds. Despite this 3:49.77 is still a mightily respectable effort, with Watts commenting: “The first hill climb is always a shock to the system, but it’s always a pleasure to start the Wrekinsport hill climb as that’s where hill climbing started for me aged 17. It wasn’t my best ride up the climb, but the form is certainly enough to be carrying forward”.

    A huge feature of this format is the sheer number of Juniors it attracts, with a teenager’s typical light weight being a huge advantage up inclines. Heading up eight youngsters was Halesowen A&CC’s Tomos Pattinson, who posted an excellent 3:45.69 for 6th spot Overall just fractions behind Lewis, and he was more than pleased with his attempt: “I really enjoyed the climb; there was fantastic support and a tremendous atmosphere. Thank you to all involved in the organisation”.

    Taking the Junior honours for the County was Mid Shropshire Wheelers’ James Satoor, who took the maximum 20 points to head up the Junior Series and expressed satisfaction with his climb: “It was good to start the hill climb season at The Wrekin, it's a tough climb and the legs were a bit dead, but it’s good to be leading the Junior Series. Thanks to Wrekinsport for putting on a well organised event”!  

    With a number of photographers taking the opportunity to capture action shots on the climb Morris’ partner Hannah Pearson made it a happy journey home after recovering from the pain fest by taking the Women’s victory in 4:55.49 – although she knew all about it for a while. Her comments capture the reactions of many who start off strongly and suffer for it: “I think my face in the photos says it all – I went off to hard in the bottom section, lesson learnt. I’m looking forward to next year and hopefully pacing it better”.

    Wrekinsport’s 2019 Silver medallist Beth Till took the maximum 20 points in the Women’s category with a fine effort of 5:29.52, winning Women’s Gold in Wrekinsport’s club championship taking place within this event, with Tomos Hales taking Overall Gold in 3:59.14. He stated: “I’m very happy with that, I had some tough competition this year. Great to have the hill climbs on, and even better to get in the three minutes – just”! 

    After a year off 2018 Veteran’s Champion Mark Hammond was immediately back to his winning ways, taking victory in the Veteran’s Championship in 4:00.81, over 17 seconds ahead of Veteran’s runner-up Scott Palmer, making his Series debut: Hammond has clearly seen the benefits of lock down training with a huge personal best which sounds an ominous signal to other competitors in the Over-40 category. He stated: “One of my favourite climbs, I felt I paced the climb well and knocked 13 seconds off my PB. A great turn out - and well organised by Wrekinsport”.

    Palmer meanwhile lost some time clipping in, a temporary requirement under Covid regulations meaning no pusher-off, and one many riders would do well to practice for race situations. He posted a fine 4:18.30 to beat off a challenge from CC Bridgnorth club mate Paul Bailey, stating: “I’m new to the hill climb scene, other than some hill attempts on Strava, The Wrekin climb being the only the second time I’ve ridden up it. I struggled to clip in at the start and panicked; so I went off way too hard, I just blew at the steep climb, nothing left. But I enjoyed it”!

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