Wrekinsport CC Rules

Wrekinsport CC – GENERAL RULES

  • The club shall be called Wrekinsport Cycling Club
  • The club shall be affiliated to British Cycling (BC), Cycling Time Trials (CTT), BTA, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Cycling Clubs Road Racing League (SSSCRRL), and Shropshire Cycling Clubs Association (SCA)
  • Elected officials shall be:- Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Racing Secretary
  • The aim of the club shall be to encourage and promote Road Racing, Time Trials, Audax and touring.
  • Club colours shall be Red and Fluorescent Yellow and Black
  • Types of membership shall be:- Full, Second Claim and Family (2 adults and any children)
  • Membership fees shall be determined annually at the AGM
  • Second claim members shall pay the same fees as full members but they are not entitled to vote, and although they can ride in all club events they shall not be eligible to win club prizes
  • Membership fees must be paid prior to getting a racing licence
  • The club shall bank with Santander and the Halifax Building Society
  • Members buying items on terms must repay within 6 months
  • The committee shall meet at least every 2 months
  • Any committee member who is absent from two consecutive meetings without reasonable cause may be removed from office
  • Club fees are due 1st January, anyone not paid by 1st April will cease to be a club member. New members who join after 31st August in a year will automatically qualify for membership for the whole of the following year.
  • All fees payable in advance for club activities should be paid for from club funds, and not by the individual member making the booking on behalf of the club.
  • Any member who’s behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable by the committee may have his/her membership terminated

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