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  • 27 Aug 2018 18:24 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wrekinsport Evening 10 No.15 2018

    Chris Halford made it a clean sweep to wrap up Wrekinsport's Evening 10 Series with yet another win in Round 15. Halford has won all 14 rounds he has entered, only missing out on a perfect 90 point score due to missing a round having entered a competing event. Halford has been a model of consistency throughout the season, finishing four seconds up on his Round 14 time in an impressive 22 minutes 2 seconds.

    Wrekinsport's fast man beat Alex Leek into the runner-up spot by 40 seconds, showing the quality of his ride - though attention was on third-placed Mark Griffiths, ending his evening on 24:16 and elevating himself five points above Tomos Hales to take Series Bronze, which was still in play pre-race.

    That wasn't the only medal on offer however with Richard Howes taking the Non-aero Series Bronze at the last gasp. Howes has been a late entrant to this Series, riding just the final three rounds but taking the maximum six points on offer in each event. His 26:06 effort pushed out Non-aero Gold medallist Ian Bond by seven seconds and was only bettered by an excellent ride from Paramount CRT's Sean Evans, finishing a strong 4th in 24:26.

    It was an encouraging night for three young riders despite heavy rain which blighted the event, with an under-the-weather Henri Bedford still taking the win in 26:42. Meanwhile Mid Shropshire Wheelers' 12 year-old Charlie Price was delighted to beat the magical 20mph barrier by one second, stopping the watch for a course best 29:59, whilst Wrekinsport's Henry Fleming also posted a personal best 33:24.

  • 25 Aug 2018 11:45 | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Pos'n Name Total Points
    1 Chris Halford 84
    2 Rich Smith 43
    3 Mark Griffiths 40
    4 Tomos Hales 35
    5 Dave Moore 23
    6 Allan Henderson 18
    6 Dave Gostelow 18
    8 Ian Bond 17
    9 Rob Jackson 14
    10 Bob Elliott 12


    Pos'n Name Total Points
    1 Ian Bond 59
    2 Peter Mulloy 37
    3 Richard Howes 18
    4 Mark Callaghan 13
    5 Tomos Hales 12
    5 Alan Henderson 12
    7 Andy Loveland 11
    8 Bethan Till 10
    9 Tim Vernon 9
    10 Bruce Gregory 8

  • 25 Aug 2018 11:31 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Pos'n Name Club Time
    1 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC 22:02
    2 Alex Leek VC St Raphael 22:42
    3 Mark Griffiths Wrekinsport CC 24:16
    4 Sean Evans Paramount CRT 24:26
    5 Simon Toghill Wolverhampton Wheelers CC 25:07
    6 Dave Moore Wrekinsport CC 25:11
    7 Martin Skehan Nova Raiders 25:17
    8 Mark Golding 333 Enduro 25:55
    9 Richard Howes Wrekinsport CC 26:06
    10 Ian Bond Wrekinsport CC 26:13
    11 Vince Evans Wrekinsport CC 26:17
    12 Richard Coffey Paramount CRT 26:40
    13 Henri Bedford Revolutions Racing 26:42
    14 Chris Marrs Mid Shropshire Wheelers 26:54
    15 Peter Mulloy Wrekinsport CC 27:34
    16 Jim Percival Wrekinsport CC 29:35
    17 Antonia Lynam Wrekinsport CC 29:38
    18 Charlie Price Mid Shropshire Wheelers 29:59
    19 Ron Perks Wrekinsport CC 31:38
    20 John Rowlands Wrekinsport CC 31:55
    21 Mio Kontic Wrekinsport CC 32:20
    22 Victoria Doran SY Tri 32:28
    23 Henry Fleming Wrekinsport CC 33:24
    24 Terry Collins Wrekinsport CC 42:26

  • 18 Aug 2018 22:49 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wrekinsport Evening 10 No.14 2018

    Chris Halford looks set to make it a clean sweep whilst Rich Smith captured Silver in Round 14 of Wrekinsport's Evening 10 Series. Riders endured a strong westerly wind and rain that commenced just as the event got underway and affecting early starters including Halford. But that didn't stop him fighting his way through the teeth of the wind blighting the climb of Cotwall Bank as he scored yet another maximum six points, just as he has done in every round he has entered, stopping the watch on 22 minutes 6 seconds.

    The quality of Halford's ride was evident by his winning margin, 1:37, with Smith completing the course in 23:43, 5 seconds ahead of newly-signed Rob Jackson. This did enough to win Series Silver, with Smith scoring consistently throughout the Series.

    There was a strong ride from Paramount CRT's Sean Evans, another rider receiving a liberal soaking. Evans rode to victory in the non-aero category in a fantastic 24:01, 1:40 ahead of Ian Watts, making a rare appearance in a time trial. But there was a surprise for newly-crowned Non-aero Champion Ian Bond as he lost out by a solitary second to Richard Howes, riding just his second event of the year. Howes clocked a fine 26:26 and could potentially take Bronze in the final event thanks to his late charge.  

  • 15 Aug 2018 21:22 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Pos'n Name Club  Time
    1 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC 22:06
    2 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC 23:43
    3 Rob Jackson Wrekinsport CC 23:48
    4 Sean Evans Paramount CRT 24:01
    5 Allan Henderson Wrekinsport CC 24:06
    6 Mark Griffiths Wrekinsport CC 24:18
    7 James Gibney West Midlands Police CC 24:24
    8 Martin Skehan Nova Raiders 25:11
    9 Dave Moore Wrekinsport CC 25:11
    10 Adam Mumford Wrekinsport CC 25:12
    11 Simon Toghill Wolverhampton Wheelers CC 25:39
    12 Ian Watts Cotswold Veldrijden 25:41
    13 Mark Golding 333 Enduro 25:46
    14 Richard Howes Wrekinsport CC 26:26
    15 Ian Bond Wrekinsport CC 26:27
    16 Richard Coffey Paramount CRT 26:36
    17 Chris Marrs Mid Shropshire Wheelers 26:52
    18 Alison Dockney Market Drayton CC 27:03
    19 Tim Vernon Wrekinsport CC 27:16
    20 Pete Mulloy Wrekinsport CC 27:48
    21 Paul O'Brien Unattached 28:47
    22 Ron Perks Wrekinsport CC 30:41
    23 Mio Kontic Wrekinsport CC 31:14
    24 Oliver Howes Wrekinsport CC 33:06
    25 Henry Fleming Wrekinsport CC 35:51

  • 12 Aug 2018 20:20 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wrekinsport Evening 10 No.13 2018

    Another week another win for Chris Halford as the Evening 10 Series winner showed just why he has won the competition in Round 13. Halford stopped the watch on 22 minutes 15 seconds in tough conditions, coping best with a strong headwind which blighted the hardest leg of the course, the climb to Cotwall Bank.

    Halford was 29 seconds ahead of the nearest competition, which came from RAF CA rider Dan Watts, who posted an excellent 22:45 on a road bike. Halford's nearest competition for club honours came from newly-signed Rob Jackson, fourth in 23:48 33 seconds behind Cotswold Veldrijden rider Ian Pollard.

    In the Non-aero division a rider trying out for the first time surprised many by taking the maximum six points on offer in this Series, with Richard Howes making an impressive debut of 26:18. But Peter Mulloy did enough to seal the Silver medal thanks to the five points gained for his 27:44 effort. And there was a welcome return for Wrekinsport's oldest member, making his first racing appearance of the season. 85 year-old Terry Collins ended his evening after crossing the line in 45:11.

  • 8 Aug 2018 22:09 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Pos'n Name Club Time No.
    1 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC 22:16 4
    2 Dan Watts RAF CA 22:45 25
    3 Ian Pollard Cotswold Veldrijden 23:15 24
    4 Rob Jackson Wrekinsport CC 23:48 17
    5 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 24:06 13
    6 Mark Milton Market Drayton CC 24:20 19
    7 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC 24:37 2
    7 Mark Griffiths Wrekinsport CC 24:37 22
    9 Allan Henderson Wrekinsport CC 24:52 18
    10 Rob Kerr Oswestry Paragon CC 25:03 21
    11 Martin Skehan Nova Raiders 25:29 7
    12 Dave Gostelow Wrekinsport CC 25:33 20
    13 Mark Golding 333 Enduro 25:42 8
    14 Richard Howes Wrekinsport CC 26:18 12
    15 Fraser MacKinnon Hebridean CC 26:48 27
    16 Lucy Nell RAF CA 26:55 23
    17 Bob Elliott Wrekinsport CC 27:01 10
    17 George Davies Evolve 27:01 15
    19 Pete Mulloy Wrekinsport CC 27:44 11
    20 James Gibney West Midlands Police CC 28:28 3
    21 Chris Marrs Mid Shropshire Wheelers 28:35 6
    22 Jim Percival Wrekinsport CC 29:49 9
    23 Ron Perks Wrekinsport CC 30:30 5
    24 Mark Callaghan Wrekinsport CC 30:41 16
    25 Charlie Price Mid Shropshire Wheelers 32:04 14
    26 Mike Hamer Wrekinsport CC 33:43 26
    27 Terry Collins Wrekinsport CC 45:11 1

  • 7 Aug 2018 10:48 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wrekinsport Evening 10 No.12 2018

    A big field couldn't stop the relentless charge of Chris Halford in Round 12 of Wrekinsport's Evening 10 Series as the destination of the Non-aero Trophy was resolved and an encouraging turnout of young riders featured. Series Champion Halford showed just why he has won that title as he beat off the nearest challenge by a massive 1 minute 49 seconds to stop the watch on 21 minutes 50 seconds, just two seconds off his fastest of the season on a sultry evening that attracted 34 riders.

    Halford's nearest competition came from newly signed team mate Rob Jackson who stopped the watch on 23:39, just seven seconds ahead of Revolutions Racing's Chris Staples, whose time was all the more impressive given it was recorded on a road bike.

    Although Staples won the honours for fastest Non-aero rider the Championship was resolved with three rounds to go as Ian Bond posted a fine 25:48 to put himself in an unassailable Series lead with Mark Hollinshead the nearest of his club mates to challenge ending the evening on 27:40.

    It was encouraging to see three Junior riders taking part in the event, with two attempting their first ever time trial. Experience won the day with 16 year-old Dan Morris posting a strong 24:07 to take sixth spot overall, whilst 14 year-old Henry Fleming came home in 34:33 ahead of 15 year-old Amber Cadman-Gibb in 36:29.

  • 1 Aug 2018 21:49 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Pos'n Name Club Time
    1 Chris Halford Wrekinsport CC 21:50
    2 Rob Jackson Wrekinsport CC 23:39
    3 Chris Staples Revolutions Racing 23:46
    4 Tomos Hales Wrekinsport CC 24:01
    5 Andy Davies Revolutions Racing 24:04
    6 Dan Morris Halesowen AC&C 24:07
    7 Mark Griffiths Wrekinsport CC 24:08
    7 Gregg Kinsell Mid Shropshire Wheelers 24:08
    9 Rich Smith Wrekinsport CC 24:10
    10 Dave Moore Wrekinsport CC 24:37
    11 Stuart Jackson Nova Raiders 24:39
    12 Luke Burnhope Wolverhampton Wheelers CC 24:55
    13 Martin Skehan Nova Raiders 25:00
    14 Simon Toghill Wolverhampton Wheelers CC 25:08
    15 Ian Bond Wrekinsport CC 25:48
    16 Richard Cofry Paramount CRT 25:57
    17 Fraser MacKinnon Hebridean CC 26:08
    18 Chris Marrs Mid Shropshire Wheelers 26:34
    19 Steve Elcocks Revolutions Racing 26:51
    20 Paul Cadman Mercia Fell Runners 27:13
    21 Steve Witty Evolve 27:29
    22 Mark Hollinshead Wrekinsport CC 27:40
    23 Peter Mulloy Wrekinsport CC 27:50
    24 Jason Davis Paramount CRT 28:34
    25 Bruce Gregory Wrekinsport CC 28:44
    26 Clare Cotterill Wrekinsport CC 29:17
    27 Jim Percival Wrekinsport CC 29:33
    28 Ron Perks Wrekinsport CC 29:50
    29 Toni Lynam Wrekinsport CC 30:01
    30 John Rowlands Wrekinsport CC 31:49
    31 Jen Morris Wrekinsport CC 33:12
    32 Henry Fleming Wrekinsport CC 34:33
    33 Amber Cadman-Gibb Northgate 36:29
      Tim Vernon Wrekinsport CC DNF

  • 29 Jul 2018 15:54 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Just six seconds separated the Top 3 pairs as Wrekinsport CC's 2-Up 10 saw another first time pairing take the victory in Round 8 of The Coaching Revolutions 2-Up Series as the destination of two Championships were settled. A big field of 20 teams were attracted by perfect conditions and some keen competition as Chris Halford and Rich Smith took the win by four seconds on their home course. Halford and Smith stopped the watch on 22 minutes 6 seconds to provide a vital intervention in the Overall standings.

    Smith was delighted with an unexpected win and was full of praise for his team mate, stating: "Chris Halford is a class act. A great steady wheel to follow so I could get close in and make the most of the draft. I pottered up Cotwall Bank while Chris had a nap. Thanks to him for dragging me round, and excellent organisation once again". Halford reciprocated with his thoughts on the new partnership adding: "My first time racing with Rich, it worked really well. A great team effort".

    With Nova Raiders' Scott Harris and Matt Gibbons already having the maximum 100 points in the bank in this best 5 from 9 Series Nick Long and Ed Middleton needed to win all remaining rounds to level things on points with their team mates to decide the destination of the Championship on fastest time count back. With Harris and Gibbons deciding to sit the race out and watch from the sidelines they took Gold without turning a further pedal after Long and Middleton agonisingly finished third on the night in 22:12. Despite their best efforts not only did Halford and Smith upset their challenge, a close season-long battle with another pair of team mates Andy Maxwell and Andy Rose also came to fruition as 'Team Andy' finally got the better of their compatriots by a narrow two seconds.

    Maxwell was thrilled to have finally got the better of this friendly rivalry, stating: "It was really close for the top three places, and we just managed to pip Nick and Ed by a couple of seconds after our dead heat last time. I’m sure they’ll come back stronger! Well done to Chris and Rich on the win thanks to Wrekinsport for hosting". Rose added: "I'm delighted to have finished in second place and to have finally pipped Ed and Nick after pushing them close in the last race. We couldn't have pushed ourselves any harder and we are looking forward now the next race. Thanks again to all the officials".

    Long had no qualms about being beaten given the quality of the racing that had been on show throughout the season, and was happy that despite the challenge from Team Andy they did enough to seal the Silver medals: "We knew getting second place in the Series would be close coming into this race. Just two seconds between second and third, tiny margins. Everyone's pushing themselves to the limit, great racing. A big thanks to Wrekinsport and the other racers for a great atmosphere. It's been a great competition, especially with Andy's R & M pushing us so close". Middleton was also acutely aware of the margins involved adding: "Six seconds between first and third - it’s great to see such competitive racing in Shropshire. Well done to the Wrekinsport team and Team Andy for great rides. Special thanks to Wrekinsport for hosting another great race".

    Meanwhile the Series winners were delighted with their form, having won every round they finished for a perfect score. The 2017 Silver medallists fined tuned their form to go one better in 2018, with Gibbons revealing a little about how the pair work together: "It was fantastic to get a win in every race we did and to have the Series wrapped up so early. I rode well with Scott in every race as he does the uphill sections and I have the flat and downhill bits. A big thanks to every organiser and marshal this year". Harris was also elated, adding: "It's great to get Gold, we aimed to smash every race which we did. Silver last year, Gold place this year so I'm really pleased. I've enjoyed racing with Matt who was strong every race. Thanks to Coaching Revolutions, race marshals and other teams for hosting events".

    Gibbons and Harris weren't the only Champions-in-waiting watching from the sidelines as Mid Shropshire Wheelers' Andy Collins and Lucy Hart had 98 points courtesy of four Mixed Team wins and a second place built up - though with Hart otherwise engaged for more recent rounds it was an anxious wait with Bernard and Deb Hutson-Lumb building a head of steam. In the end those early points in the bag paid dividends, with Bernard out injured and having to settle for Silver. When told Collins stated: "That's a relief, we have missed a few. Lucy is in Newport riding the National Track Championship and I have been touring in the Alps. We will be at the last round and I won't tell Lucy, it will keep her keen"!

    Hutson-Lumb meanwhile was left rueing the injury which blighted their challenge, and was surprised that the team's early success held good. He commented: "I am amazed, but very pleased. Deb and I enjoyed the events we did, we were just starting to get our act together. Sorry that injury (to me) took us out of mix. Many thanks all who made the rides possible. We look forward to getting back to competition".

    Whilst the destinations of Gold and Silver have been decided the Bronze medals are still in play, with Jenny York and John Robertson putting themselves in pole position thanks to a 25:44 effort. York was pleased with the pairing, stating: "A great turnout with good conditions! I find these events hard but I'm pleased with our time. Good teamwork with John". Robertson meanwhile was succinct in his comments adding: "Thanks to Jenny for leading me round and to all the officials for making the event possible".

    It's down to the wire in the Women's Championship with no medals yet decided and three closely matched teams engaged in a ding-dong battle. All these teams could potentially finish on 96 points and have to be split by time in the closest contest of all, with Hafren CC the pairing of Emma Serjeant and Louise Downward taking their second win in as many evenings from Sarah Grant and Alison Dockney, again by a narrow margin. These teams were split by just five seconds with Serjeant and Dockney stopping the watch on 25:06 with both putting up major challenges to the supremacy of Women's Series leaders and reigning champions Jenny Newton and Jane Chapman. Serjeant was appreciative of the high level of competition on show, commenting: "I was pleased with this very close win again. The course was quite lumpy, but we managed to keep it together. Well done to Alison and Sarah giving us some strong competition". Downward added: "I'm really pleased with the last two nights, all the racing has been close. Looking forward to our last one of the Series on the Hafren CC course".

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